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generate fresh website content

5 Proven Ways to Generate Fresh Website Content

generate fresh website content

It is not just enough that you are regularly publishing posts on your website; whatever goes to your blog needs to remain relevant at all times. This is why you must generate fresh website content. No one wants to waste time reading stale information that is no longer applicable. Neither are any of your clients interested in web pages that do not meet their needs.

At the very least, a good website content must create some value for the viewers. With so many businesses having their websites, one would think relevant content topics can become exhausted. Or that businesses in the same niches will end up having similar content all through.

But the truth is, there will always be something of value to share, an instruction to give, a lesson to teach, or humor to share that no one has ever shared before. Again, the exciting thing about website content is that each website owner can learn to create content uniquely, such that they are always the best pick amidst several similar topics.

If you are seeking ways to generate fresh website content ideas, then the information on this page is for you. We have carefully highlighted vital reasons why your business needs fresh website content and also how to keep your pages fresh with appropriate website content.

You need to generate fresh website content

Why Businesses Need Fresh Website Content

What is that number one place people go whenever they need answers to pressing questions? Did I imagine you mentioned a word that starts with “G”? Well, I’m pretty sure you guessed right, and I must have imagined right too! Many people will enter a search entry on Google before they think of turning to their nearest neighbor for answers.

Statistics have revealed that Google alone answers about four billion search queries per day. Other resources and analysis have indicated that the metrics could be higher, with Google attending to about five billion search queries every day as of 2021.

Another statistic gives us something very interesting: small businesses that use content marketing get 126% more leads than businesses that do not.

Another one even shows how your commitment to a content marketing strategy like blogging can bring all the difference to your business. It says companies that publish about 16 or more times on their blog get 3.5 times more traffic than those who post only four or fewer times per month.

Isn’t that some fantastic revelation?

What does this mean for your business?

generate fresh website content

Many things! First, it highlights the relevance of search engines, particularly Google, which owns 92% share of the global search engine market. It is the most-visited website in the world. Every day, more people are turning to the internet, relying on its power to provide quick solutions to their problems.

Secondly, the high statistics of users tell us that people find relevant answers when they enter a query on Google. If not, they will not keep going back for more. Moreover, this shows how intentional website owners are about providing accurate answers to common and uncommon questions.

Now, the truth is this, providing fresh website content on your website is a good way to keep a fan of clients around you. When people enter a query on Google, only websites with the most relevant answers come up (although quite a number of other page ranking factors are involved). Nevertheless, relevance and freshness of content are one of the things that get you seen the most on Google.

When people discover you provide appropriate answers on your blog, they tend to trust you and your brand the more. They take you as an authority in that field. In no time, they will not wait for Google pages to sift you out before they reach out to you. They will bookmark your blog, memorize your website name, and begin to sift through the list of content you upload.

In essence,

Providing fresh website content, particularly relevant ones, is proven to improve brand visibility and credibility. Ultimately, that would mean more reach for your business and more sales coming your way!

Do we need to make this a bit clearer? I don’t think so! If you’ll need more clarity on how important content is to modern-day businesses, check out all of these previous articles we’ve created for you:

We all agree that the world runs mainly on a principle of give and take. The more value you can provide for people (especially when it appears to be free), the more they will be willing to give you in return (as the purchase of your services.)

Filling your website with fresh website content is one excellent way to provide this sales-generating value.

This would prompt many business owners to ask: how do I keep producing fresh website content?

The 5 Proven Ways to Generate Fresh Website Content

generate fresh website content

Whether you own an affiliate marketing site for skincare products, have a website for your automobile manufacturing company, or currently run a fiction blog, knowing how to dynamically generate website content is a big advantage.

There are no hard and fast rules to generating fresh website content. You could decide to write “how-to” info to help your client, discuss some other helpful subject unrelated to what you do, upload a tutorial video, or jump on trending news to create engagement. Yet, in whatever you are doing and however you are making your content, there are guidelines to follow if you must generate fresh website content.

These guidelines are proven, tried and true, tested and trusted. If you follow them well enough, you can be sure to never lack website content inspiration for years on end.

1. Set your Content Marketing Goals

This may not look like that guideline you are looking for, but we are not ashamed to put it as the first step to generating fresh website content. When you set your content marketing goals, it does many things for you. One, it automatically provides you with a range of content you can provide on your website.

For example, suppose your aim is to purely entertain your viewers. In that case, you won’t bother creating content that feature conflicting political or religious matters. Of course, you want your fans to enjoy themselves when they read through a blog post or watch a video. Why then would you want to share something that triggers objections and can cause people to take sides?

With a goal, you can align your potential content with your desired outcome. It would help you to properly make everything relatable to your clients based on the present time and current trends.

Setting content marketing goals is very important if you must continue to generate fresh website content. However, it is not the only thing to do to become a pro in website content marketing. Read further…

2. Figure Out What your Clients are Looking For

If you fill your blog with content viewers are not interested in, you could begin to get it all wrong. No matter the outstanding quality of such content, it would be like putting a square peg in a round hole – it’ll never fit. What’s more, your readers will find you awkward and wonder what exactly you are up to.

On the other hand, if your blog can always feature answers to questions your potential clients ask, they’ll learn to pick you as the solution provider to their problems. Since there are many people like you ready to answer questions, however, the trick is to include new questions, new theories, and recent discoveries in your field.

While everyone is busy doing the conventional, you could add a touch of something very new yet needful in your blog. That way, your website remains fresh, and when people ask new questions, you will be among the few that will pop up with relevant answers.

In our opinion, if there is a question that you do not find much answer to on Google, and you think it is a question your clients would ask, that makes a good subject to work on!

3. Focus on Trends, Not Stale News

You could refer to some old story if you want, but an old story should not be the centre of your post. That is very boring and shows how unapt you are at giving your viewers prompt information.

When an interesting event is up in the air, everyone looks out for it on search engines. If such news is relevant to your services, that could be your best bet to getting the highest number of viewers to your blog at that time.

For example, talking about featured news on the US supply chain makes good content for an automobile manufacturing or shipping company. Clients are curious to know why shipping takes time these days. Such news can provide them with prompt answers and even give them an insight into what the government is doing to improve the supply chain.

Depending on how strategic you are, you may want to jump on other trends and maneuver them to suit your clients. That would be totally up to you. However, unless you are a news agency, you do not need to publish all current world events on your blog. Only the relevant ones are necessary.

4. Do Quality SEO Research

Thanks to SEO and the many research tools, you can never lack content to write. SEO involves several technical analyses and allows you to explore many things. Some aspects of SEO analysis involve figuring out what people are searching for. This is usually determined by search volume. A high volume indicates a subject of interest and should make a potentially good topic to develop.

On the other hand, metrics like keyword difficulty can help you decide if developing a content is really worth the stress. This is particularly important if you are a small business or your website cannot compete with other authority sites yet.

When you do SEO analyses like these, you are exposed to tens of topics you could possibly develop at once. You will discover what keywords people are specifically searching for, and you can customize your content accordingly.

5. Update Your Content Periodically

The truth is that even the latest trends are bound to become stale over time. This becomes very true for content designed based on trends and happening news. For certain kinds of content like instructional materials, however, they may still remain relevant for years to come.

Nevertheless, updating a few things here and there can help to keep your content fresh. In fact, performing a few tricks like including the current year in your current can give a positive signal to Google and help you rank higher. In such a case, you may have to keep updating the year and/or the content as the year changes.

For example, if you have content on your blog on the “best cars in 2018”, that would be no longer relevant. In fact, only a few people will be searching for that now. When potential clients search for the best cars (without including the year), your content will most likely not pop up. This is because you’ve signaled to Google that such a page is no longer relevant in the current year.

To keep fresh website content, in this case, you will have to keep updating the year. Additionally, you may have to work on the content altogether as the best cars three or four years ago may not be the best now.

It helps if bloggers will periodically devote time to checking posts on their blog. They may need to update some or remove irrelevant pages altogether. If you did not know before now, this tip is an all-time step to keep producing fresh website content.


generate fresh website content

The importance of content to the modern-day business cannot be over-emphasized. Rather than obstinately probing on why you should implore content marketing, be among the smart ones who would instead figure out ways to generate fresh website content.

In the real sense, keeping your website updated with fresh content does not involve much technical know-how. What you need most is commitment, a good understanding of your client and your field, as well as adequate knowledge of the right SEO metrics.

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