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Video Content Marketing And Your Business: Everything you need!

In our previous blogpost on Content Marketing, Testimony wrote, “if a picture says a thousand words, then a video probably says a billion.”

This statement is simply profound!

Suppose you consider how easy it is to obtain information through audiovisual materials such as videos, you will have a glimpse into the combined power and potentials that videos wield. This understanding may unfold how much return you can generate for your business or product through video content marketing.

Without a doubt, content marketing aims to use information to promote businesses, ideas, brands or products to a target audience. Yet, the bigger question is why use video marketing, or better still, how video marketing has become more effective than content generated with words or images alone. The answers are not far-fetched, but let’s begin with a basic understanding of content marketing video.

What is Video Content Marketing?

According to statistics, an average person watches up to 16 hours of online video content weekly! Similarly, when a survey was conducted on a group of people, nine out of ten viewers reported that they preferred seeing more videos than other forms of content from brands and businesses.

Well, at this point, we should be curious about understanding what this raging trend of content video marketing is if it generates such attention from at least 90% of people as statistics reveal.

According to an article, video content marketing thrives on the principle of creating and distributing informative and consistent audiovisual content to a target audience to attract, create engagement, generate and convert leads.

Another source defines video marketing as a marketing strategy that uses the principle of creating and sharing suitable and relevant video content to a targeted population to generate relevant leads to a brand, product or business.

In 2017, Forbes declared that online video is the future of content marketing. Today, statistics and facts have confirmed this beyond a reasonable doubt. The unique features of video content have made it an irresistible medium of marketing that has put millions of businesses into the limelight they have desired in recent years.

How does Video Content Marketing Work?

Before you get a product, which sources do you consult?

A book? –and you may have to spend minutes or hours to understand a concept

A friend? –and you may be limited to their perspectives or opinions about the product

Social media? –and you are at the risk of getting confused by conflicting opinions and reports by highly controversial people.

A video content? –and you have the option of accessing fast, sound and efficient information without lifting a finger (except when you have to type on your keyboard, of course.)

The power, ease and visualization of a video creates the magic of excellent content marketing. You are more likely to truly decipher the motive behind anything when you watch the information. Your instincts and intellect guide you if you are watching what is correct or inaccurate.

Therefore, if you’re the question is why use video Content Marketing? The answers are as follows:

1. Videos Create a Deep Connection with Viewers

Although there are top customer interaction and marketing techniques like social media marketing, nothing connects with customers more than videos.

Have you ever wondered why top companies announce their latest products using a live launch event transmitted globally?

Well, the answer is easy. Rather than reading a 20-page manual about the new iPhone, it is more adventurous  and more engaging for you to watch the Apple Events and experience the latest product yourself in all its elegance.

Why exactly is video content marketing better than almost all other means of marketing. You get vivid illustrations, exceptional imagery and a deep connection with every part of a product, brand, organization or company that is being described.

2. Videos Encourage Visitors to Stay Longer than Intended on your Page

The last time you went on YouTube to promptly check out a video, did you recall leaving the site immediately?

Probably not.

Having video content on a website’s landing page has been shown to increase the amount of time visitors spend on the website, thereby driving sales, increasing traffic, and creating potential customers for the company based on the enticing effect of what we see and what we see we hear.

3. Videos are Easy to Follow and Share

I may write this blog post in a language that will be difficult to follow by building extremely difficult vocabularies and unclear expressions warped in verbosity. With video content, this cannot probably be the case.

A speaker in a video usually intends to communicate an idea. Speaking puts the consciousness of communication in the speaker, unlike in writing, where the writer can be lost in a world of his own.

Thus, when looking to create video content for your marketing strategy, you will probably research the most concise, simple and easy contents that your viewers can watch and share right away. There are reports of videos being shared 12 times more than images and texts combined.

4. Videos Enhance Comprehension

The average human often does not like to read too many texts. Furthermore, the situation becomes worse when the content is lengthy or bland. The reader becomes overwhelmed and wishes not to go further, not minding the quality of the information in the text material.

This is not so with video content. In the real sense, when exploring how to do market with videos, creators go for simple topics and streamline this topic to the most straightforward and shortest frames to encourage the viewer’s comprehension and engagement.

5. Videos can Leave a Lasting Impression.

Let’s do a quick check here; do you remember any of the video advertisements you watched as a kid?


Videos leave an impression that you cannot easily forget many times. That is beneficial for companies and brands because they need their products to be in your memory until you purchase.

This way, it is also easy to discuss, whether over a cup of tea or during break time at work.s

What makes Video Content Marketing Outstanding?

The uniqueness of video content marketing is responsible for its significant success in our world today. When creating video content marketing, the emphasis is on the target audience:

What they need to see/hear/know to decide on using a product or a service.

Usually, client-oriented products which engage the visual and auditory senses become extremely captivating and relevant, barring all odds.

Also, when looking to create video content for your marketing strategy, you probably would spend ample time and dedicate sufficient resources to research and sample your targeted audience’s responses or preferences.

This process gives you the edge to create what they wish to see at the exact time they need it. Plus, the advantage of immersive and active listening and watching that video content offers.

Video Content Marketing Strategies

While we have seen several pros of video contents, we must put a caveat that not every video content gets to achieve its purpose.

Without the right video marketing strategies, a video may fail to achieve the aim for which it was produced, leading to low or no returns, poor conversions and minor engagements.

To create a winning content marketing video, you need to keep the following in view:

1. An SEO Strategy

SEOs are not only helpful when you are publishing on a blog or a website; they are equally crucial for your videos also. Use captivating titles that are clear and precise, add keywords to your videos, adopt catchy thumbnails and use your tags appropriately.

2. Use Evidence

Yes, you have a good product, brand or company, but don’t be the only one talking about it. You must be willing to allow testimonials from other people, perhaps your users, staff or subscribers, to also talk about your experience using your product. This may be the gamechanger that you need.

3. Be Highly Creative

Imagine the number of video marketing contents that are being churned out daily. Think about your video being just another ordinary or almost similar to your competitors in terms of quality or content.

The odds will be against you.

Employ the best content creators such as Writers’ Co and strategists for your video marketing content, and you will stay on top of your game.

4. Optimize your Video

Why should people watch your video if you don’t tell them why they should. A person may most likely stay on a video that promises specific information, incentives, and other similar advantages than a video that doesn’t.

Including some of these elements with call-to-actions may improve the success of your content marketing video.

5. Promote and Engage

It is essential to improve access to your video to people who need to see it. This is precisely why you need to promote your video.

In the same way, building a community of viewers through engagements, mentioning and shout-outs to specific viewers may be a way to keep your online video content on the screens of the target audience.

Creating Video Marketing Content on a Budget

Sometimes, you need to create video marketing content on a budget. This applies to when you are usually starting off or even when you don’t have the resources to pay for everything you require for the video marketing content.

In these cases, when you are working with a budget, you can use royalty-free sites or apps to create videos that convey your information effectively. These days, many DIY video creation platforms offer free services for video content creation for users that you can explore.

Other options include:

  • User-generated content (encouraging users to share their testimonials of your product)
  • Live video (provides real-time engagements and connections at low costs)
  • Hiring freelances (you can contact us for creating your video marketing content for the most professional touch)


If there is anything we know about video content marketing, it is the fact that it has moved from being the future of online marketing to being its present. All facts point to your business doing better, increasing your sales and reaching your targets if you learn and rightly apply this content marketing strategy.

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