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How Long Does it Take to Create Professional Website Content?

Business owners ask several questions: What digital marketing technique should I employ? Which social media marketing tools are the cheapest? What theme should I use for my website? How long does it take to create website content?

Now, that’s some question – to wonder how long it could take to write professional content for your website. While there are many tools and templates for building nice websites, there are rarely a few tools for creating content. This is because written content requires innovation and is usually always peculiar to a particular brand.

Quite funny, however, that many spend more time and invest more on designing or building a website than creating its content. Well, not like the quality of a website’s interface doesn’t matter, but the included content matters just as much. In fact, the content should have the primary attention. It should be so good that it becomes apparent it was not an afterthought.

How long will it take then to create that professional website content? This is like asking how long it would take to sweep a room. First, no one knows how big such a room is or how dirty it has become. You may finish cleaning in five minutes, or you end up spending three hours on some rigorous cleaning.

The same analogy applies to determining a working timeline for content creation. You could devote a couple of hours and round up in a day, or you could finish in weeks. In essence, it is totally up to you to decide how long you would stay on creating that professionally written content for your website.

Disclaimer: This page focuses solely on how long it takes to create written content for your already designed or built website.

How Long Does it Really Take to Create Well Written Website Content?

Well, from our experience, it would take roughly about five hours to create a single page of quality written website content. This is no rule of thumb, however, as you could write a page worth of content in less than three hours. You could also spend several hours making sure you did everything perfectly.

The truth is, website content don’t follow the same pattern as regular blog posts or academic writings. They usually have a lesser word count yet could take just as much time as a comprehensive blog post. The reason isn’t farfetched: website contents are designed to be catchy, precise, and action-provoking.

This makes them a bit technical to write sometimes. They require several reviews and are preferably written by persons with relevant experience in web content creation.

Nevertheless, it all really depends on what kind of content you are including in your website. Although written content dominate most web pages, there could also be pictures and videos to compliment the write-ups. If your website has more images and videos, you may spend less time content creation. Or you may actually spend more time editing the pictures and videos.

There are a lot of things to consider also when creating written content for websites – SEO, brand persona, audience, brand story, and so on. The more considerations to factor in, the longer it takes to write the content.

Website content are designed to be catchy, precise, and action-provoking

No Such Thing as a Website Content ‘Cooking Time’!

If you were to be boiling an egg or cooking mashed potatoes, you could determine how long it would take you over a known degree of heat. But this does not apply when writing content.

So you see? There is no fixed duration for content creation, especially as there are different content meant for different websites. What matters is that your website appears professional and markets your brand effectively. And in our opinion, we think content creation deserves all the time it can get to achieve this aim.

All brand owners need to understand that content creation for their website is a whole lot to pay attention to. They should create enough time and should never rush it.

There are also other external factors that could determine how fast the written content becomes available. For example, outsourcing content creation to a professional writer or writing agency can make your work smoother and faster.

If your website only needs a bit of revamping, creating content might not be so time-consuming. But having a brand new website for your business means making content that were never there before, and that is sure going to take some quality time.

There is no fixed duration for content creation

What Factors Affect How Long it Could Take to Create Website Content?

  • The availability (or non-availability) of a professional content creator
  • The number of persons in the content creation team
  • The nature of the website and the diversity of content needed
  • The number of web pages you are creating content for

These are some of the cogent reasons that determine how long it will take you to create awesome content for your website.

If you want an estimate of the duration for website creation, it works best to break down the whole process into smaller tasks. You can then assign a workable timeline to each task. Adding together the time you will spend to achieve each step will give you an idea of how long it would take you to finish the process of content creation.

If you are lucky, you could finish earlier, but at times, there is more to do than we actually envisage, and this can make you exceed your deadline by a few hours or days. It would be wise to create an allowance for occurrences like this. Hence, while creating a working timeline, you can incorporate a few more days as an allowance for overshooting time.

How to Create Amazing Website Content in No Time

How to create amazing website content

Although you want to invest time to create beautiful content for your website, you do not want to take all the time in the world either. This is why you should create a structure – a timeline for putting everything that makes a good website in place.

Now, there is a difference between creating your content within the shortest time possible and rushing it. Suppose your goal is to get your website popping with professionally written content as fast as possible. In that case, there are a couple of tips and tricks you can employ.

1. Create Website Content using Images

One way to create website content quickly is to incorporate graphics into your pages. Images and videos tell stories effectively and can eliminate a lot of writing stress for you. You could either create your images from scratch using photography and graphic design, or you could get ready pictures from sites that provide them for free.

Having one or two videos on your web pages can also go a long way to reiterate points you have already mentioned in writing. There is, however, no rule that says you must include videos. Images are much cheaper to create and are the catchiest parts of your website. The more creative you are with them, the more effective you are at gaining your audience’s attention.

2. Outsource your Website Content Needs

While you can go through the pain of creating web content yourself, you can also employ the services of companies that create website content. Web content incorporates many aspects of writing at once – SEO, storytelling, and even copywriting. Some of these terms may be very strange to you, or you may not understand how they work in professional web content creation.

This is why leaving your content needs in the hands of a professional writer is the best option for creating website content in no time. Of course, we do not need to say that professionals usually know what strategy is best for you. Although you may have an idea of what you want in mind, writers can offer you advice from their wealth of experience. It would be best if you did not discard such professional guidance unless you never trusted the writer in the first place.

Another top advantage of outsourcing tasks like content creation is that you can focus on other essential aspects of your business that require attention while the professional writer gets to his work.

3. Have a Content Creation Team

Rather than work with one writer, have a content creation team. This way, tasks could be shared among team members. And by them working together, they can deliver quality content for your website in no time.

You would have already known that creating content for your website requires a lot. When a team is in charge of the project, they can split tasks among themselves. The advantage is each person can focus on even the tiniest part of everything that matters.

Essentially, your content creation team should comprise of the following persons: a professional writer, a brand strategist, an SEO expert, and a digital marketer. Each person plays unique roles, but you will surely not miss their impact on your content.

4. Make periodic edits.

Launching your website is only a tiny fragment of your content creation; you need to keep up with updating the web pages. The good news is that updates won’t take much time as the initial creation. If you keep updating your website content frequently, each episode should not be cumbersome.

Periodic updates are something you should create a workable structure for, just like the initial content creation. Would you be making significant edits only thrice in a year or every two weeks? These questions have answers that will be relative to the peculiarity of your brand. Your content writer could guide you on working out a structure for periodic edits.

How Would you Want to Create Your Website Content?

Although a business owner may be able to create website content for himself, the good thing about web content creation is that the weight of the task doesn’t have to be on you. If you know you have much to do to devote enough time to writing, or you think you could make do with help from a professional web content creator, then you should really reach out to one. Companies that create website content have teams of experienced writers who can help you do the job quickly.

As much as you are reaching out to a proven content creation company, you should trust them and the timeline they provide. However, you must understand that the more rigorous the task you outsource, the longer it could take for them to deliver. While you may think writing is only a play of words, it is not always like that. Professional writers do thorough research, ask you questions, and plan strategically just to make sure your content comes out excellent.

Alternatively, there are a couple of tools that will prove effective as a guide on creating professional content for your website. Some of these tools provide you with a template to follow by highlighting the most important steps you should take. Some offer word suggestions or help you to edit your write-up. Others are Search Engine Optimization Tools you can employ to ensure your written content is well optimized.


Key things to note when writing

Whichever content creation option you are opting for, understand that you should create enough time to achieve the best results. As we have already emphasized, there is no rule of thumb or designated timeline for creating website content. At the same time, dwelling too long on content creation does not mean you will have the best content. Having a professional writer is what really matters.

So here are the key things to note: Get a professional writer, work with a realistic timeline, and allow for unavoidable deadline extensions should they occur.

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