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Blog Marketing: 6 Proven Reasons Why You Should Use it

Blog marketing is one of the several content marketing strategies that exist. The ultimate goal of every business is to make profit. That can only happen when people buy your goods or services. But how do you people get to know about what you sell, if you don’t tell them?

There are different ways to make people aware of your products and services. It is much easier now that the Internet has transformed the world into a global village. Almost everyone in the world is active in the virtual space, with millions of people adding to the number yearly. With this development, there is no better time for businesses to make their appearances on the virtual scene.

The goal of blog marketing is to make people aware of your products and services. In doing this, you enlighten your potential clients or customers about your business by providing them with the necessary information about your products or services and interacting with them.

Why Should You Choose Blog Marketing?

There are many digital marketing strategies, so what blog marketing benefits make it an option to consider?

1. Driving Traffic to Your Blog

Who doesn’t have a smile on their face when they check their stats and see the bars go up? There are many ways people can locate your business online. You can make paid ads and get some really good traffic on your website. The only downside is that that it would cost you a lot. Clients can also search for your website via search engines—that’s if they already know about your business.

Blogging is a better option because each post makes an addition to the number of already indexed contents you have. A plus is that you can use search engine optimization tools like keywords and meta descriptions. These optimize your blog contents and drive more traffic to your blog. Also, every blog post you publish is a chance to appear on the search engines results page (SERP). That way, you generate some more leads.

2. Low Cost

Anybody will jump at the opportunity of making more profit with less capital and running costs. Blog marketing is one tool that helps you save money in executing your business. Earlier in this post, I mentioned paid ads as an online business marketing option. While it is an effective marketing tool, a challenge arises when you can no longer afford to pay for ads. You could become stranded at that point if you don’t have any other marketing plan.

Getting a blog is cheap. In fact, you can get one for free. Maintaining it with a good hosting plan also costs little. You only need to ensure that your hosting service provider is a trusted one.

3. Boosted Product/Service Visibility

One major reason for getting your business on the virtual space is for the world to see what you sell. You can use your blog to inform and educate potential clients or already existing ones about your products or services. And you can do it in as much detail as possible. For instance, there are different sides to a product like how it is made, the benefits, etc. Such information can be crafted under different topics into enlightening articles. By reading them, customers become aware of everything they need to know about the product. There is another side to marketing your products and services. You can contract influential bloggers to advertise your products with their blogs. This widens the range of your business’s visibility.

4. Networking

People believe that if you write it, you mean it. There are several tools you can use to drive traffic to your blog. But a single article about a product or service can work wonders. A beautiful fact about blog marketing is that it is a two-way tool. It provides a platform to reach out to people, and for them to respond to you. People can comment on your blog posts and you can discover their preferences, needs, appraisals and complaints about your products. The information gathered can be used to improve on production or the services you render. Good dialogue can boost your business’s prospects of gaining more customers.

You can also share your blog posts on social media. That way, you can build a network of people who are interested in your products or services. These people then visit your website to get more information about them.

Blogging not only gives you a platform to interact with potential customers. It also gives you room to build contacts with other companies and businesses with less stress. You only need to be consistent about putting up solution-driven content on your blog.

5. Structured Marketing

In reaching out to potential customers, you should have different kinds of content that speak about your products or services like podcasts, video content, etc. They can be attached to the articles you put up. This is because people have different preferences when it comes to the form in which they easily embrace and respond to information. Blogging gives you a platform to get all those content types organised in one place. With a variety of quality content, you can attract different kinds of potential customers. It also promotes your business and boosts your company’s image.

6. Establishing Authority

Blog Marketing may not produce the results you want to see at the speed of light. But when you are consistent in putting out quality content on your blog, your audience will begin to see you as an authority figure in your line of business. Usually, a blog should be aimed at providing solutions to problems and answering your audience’s questions. Driving traffic to your website and gaining leads may be more effective strategies in boosting sales, but being the custodian of that go-to blog in your business niche can also not be undermined.

Are There Any Downsides To Blog Marketing?

Although blog marketing is a great content marketing strategy, it does not come without its challenges. But it may not be much of a trouble. Generally, you need a heavy dose of creativity to generate content ideas. Variety is the spice of life as they say. For your blog to thrive, it needs to house different kinds of content that will catch the attention of readers. Driving traffic to your website or generating leads immediately you start putting up posts may not be feasible. It takes consistency to get tangible results. In addition, creating and putting up posts may sometimes take much time. In this case, you can make do with the help of freelancers.

How Do You Go About Blog Marketing?

Now that you know the benefits blog marketing has to offer, let us talk about how you can activate a blog as a marketing tool.

1. Audience Analysis

You must understand the kind of audience that would be visiting your blog before you start blogging at all. This will influence your blog design and the type of content you would be dishing out. You can take a survey of your target audience via social media platforms, discussion forums like Quora, and even from the comment sections of other related blogs.

2. Plan

First off, you need to make a plan of what kind of content you want to use to market your products. You may find a content calendar useful for organising your intended posts. Videos, articles, guides and podcasts are some of the contents you may want to consider. You also need to decide when, that is, how regularly you would be posting.

3. Set up your blog

Choosing a blogging platform is the first step in setting up your blog. WordPress, Wix and Squarespace are common examples used by many businesses. Statistics show that WordPress generates a little over 38% of the Internet.

In designing your blog, you should consider your target audience. The layout should be user-friendly and project a positive image of your business. It is also better that you integrate your blog posts as a part of your main website, instead of creating an entirely new domain name for your blog.

4. Post

As soon as you have built your blog, the next thing to do is to start posting. Don’t leave your blog scanty. As you launch your blog, you should put up as many posts as possible. Afterwards, your blog should be kept loaded with content as regularly as you have planned. This may depend on the kind of business you run. But your goal should be that people can find new engaging content on your blog as regularly as possible.

5. Engage

One important indicator of good content marketing is your ability to interact with your audience. When they respond to your posts, appreciate them and answer questions. If you need to get back to them about issues that you cannot resolve immediately, be willing to get back to them. Never ignore people’s comments.

6. Use Calls to Action

Call to actions are lead generating strategies. At the end of each post, you can offer a freebie to your readers. You can then ask them to sign up to access it. That way, you increase the number of people that can be updated about new posts. You also have access to their contact information in case you want to send them emails.

In conclusion, blog marketing is an amazing option to project your products and services. You only need to be willing to put in the necessary work and stay consistent with it. So get to work and give it all the diligence and resilience needed. Your efforts will pay off in the future.

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