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Content marketing with illustrations of blog posts, videos, seo, ads, and so on.

Types Of Content Marketing: All You need to Know to Grow Your Business

Building a brand and becoming a force in the global market requires proper strategizing, the right usage of content marketing types, plus a lot of effort and determination. Content marketing is one of the major marketing strategies you can employ in your bid to grow your business. When done consistently and creatively, you stand a great chance of building a robust brand that will become a household name and a force to reckon with.

Content marketing is a unique type of marketing strategy that gives value to your audience through content creation. Using tools like videos, emails, and blogs, you can provide crucial information tailored to the needs of your target customers. You are therefore able to establish yourself as a reliable thought leader in the market.

There are different types of content marketing. This article hopes to show you the important and easy-to-set-up ones that would help you grow your business. Here, we have highlighted six content marketing types you can choose from.

Building a brand and becoming a force in the global market requires the right usage of marketing strategies, content marketing types, plus a lot of effort and determination.

Content Marketing Types to Grow Your Business

#1. Infographics

Infographics correctly apply the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Through the use of infographics, you can create a visual format of organized data. You are better able to organize data like statistics and facts into versions that are easy to read and understand.

Using a mixture of colorful icons, text, and various shapes, information is presented in a fun and exciting way. The infographic content uses images and these icons to complement the text and other written information. Some of the benefits of infographics include:

Presentation of Data in a unique way and makes your content more readable

Infographics change the appearance of your content and makes it less boring and more readable. Imagine surfing through the web and comparing your experiences between reading through text with numerous images and when all you see in a writeup is a body of plain boring text. In most cases, the text with infographics keeps you interested.

Effective as a modern means of storytelling

The world is changing and there has been a decline in the attention span of the coming generation. As a result, new and creative patterns are needed to pass information across. Infographics provide a simple and effective way of doing this.

#2. Videos as Content Marketing Formats

Research has shown that adding videos to your content menu can increase your conversation rate by 80%.

Video marketing involves the use of moving images to promote your goods and services. It helps generate engagement on digital platforms to educate your customers and reach out to a larger, global audience.

Besides, video content allows you to show how much you know. You can make how-to videos or even product demos to show what your products are capable of doing.

Research has shown that adding videos to your content menu can increase your conversation rate by 80%. It has also been discovered that with the addition of the word “video” to your email subject line, you get an increase of 19% in your email open rates. Clearly, these stats show the power of videos, but for clarity here are a few benefits of videos in content marketing:

Longer engagements and visual representation

Videos have a unique way of keeping your audience interested in what you have to say (or sell). Asides from reading displayed texts, a video allows you to show your target audience live images that portray in detail what you have to offer.

More Information within a short period

Videos also allow you to pass a lot more information in a short time other than what is obtainable when using plain text. With videos, consumers don’t just get to see what they are buying they also get to hear descriptions and read reviews from the comment sections of platforms such as YouTube.

#3. Blogs

Companies that operate with an active blog get up to 55% more visitors than other companies without blogs.

Blogging is a popular content marketing strategy used by all types of businesses. It is an easy way to attract an audience, drive traffic to your site and showcase your knowledge about your goods and the types of services you render. It is also a cheap and effective means that allows you to incorporate other content marketing formats into your setup.

Blogging stands tall on the list of content marketing strategies guaranteeing patronage from up to 84% of consumers who read about your product from a website. Also, companies that operate with an active blog get up to 55% more visitors than other companies without blogs.

Some of the benefits of the blogs include:

Boosts traffic

A regularly updated blog will significantly increase engagement and boosts traffic and patronage of your products. Traffic on the other hand can also be used as a means to generate revenue through displayed ads and Google AdSense.

Establishes Authority

Gaining influence and becoming a recognized voice on any subject matter can be achieved by regularly dishing out relevant content via the means of a blog. You can express your views, do reviews for different products and slowly establish yourself as an authority on a type of good or a form of service.

#4. Podcasts

Podcasting is another effective means of putting yourself out there, improving your brand, and growing your business. Podcasting is a technique of content marketing that is rapidly growing and gaining the attention of service providers and consumers, according to Statista, up to 60% of consumers subscribed listen to different podcasts in 2021.

As infographics and videos use visual representation, podcasts maximize the potential of audio, using sounds to pass messages to your audience. Podcasts give listeners a unique experience. Think of listening to your favorite radio program with the added feature of being able to rewind and listen again to the program. Podcasting comes with numerous benefits some of which include:

Opportunity to get across to a different type of audience

With the different shades and colors of people in our present world, podcasting ensures that you get across to a different set of audiences. As many prefer surfing on the web and joining online communities’ others prefer watching videos while another set of people enjoy podcasting.

A cheap form of marketing

Making a podcast is quite easy as there are several applications and platforms where podcasts can be created and broadcasted. These applications are usually free and available on mobile and PC formats.

#5. User-generated content

User-generated content refers to content created by customers rather than service providers. This includes content such as texts, images, reviews, or even videos. For example, if a customer purchases merchandise (a wristwatch for example) and posts it on a social media account, the manufacturers of the wristwatch can rebroadcast such a post.

This type of content marketing is effective because asides from seeing real-life users of a certain brand, prospective customers also get access to reviews and testimonies of other users. UGC also comes with unique benefits and the most notable ones are:

Unpaid Adverts

User-generated contents are largely free adverts, and the service provider doesn’t necessarily have to pay for them. The goal of reaching a larger audience is achieved and the message of the brand is propagated at no extra cost. Except for campaigns where users are advised to post how they use the products.

Customers reviews

Customer reviews are powerful and they are an effective means to get people talking about what you have to offer. In most cases when you go online to buy a product, subscribe to a service, or install an app, the first place you check is the review section. Good reviews promote more patronage and bad reviews on the other hand reduce patronage.

Customer reviews are powerful as a type of content marketing.

#6. Social Media Posts

Social media posts are a type of content marketing that open you up to global opportunities.

Social media posts are arguably one of the most effective means of content marketing. Every day more than half of the world (59%)use the internet and most of these people are logged on to various social media outlets. This is why service providers create their accounts on these social media outlets to market their wares.

To grow your business, you can take advantage of outlets like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Each of these outlets has features that allow you to display what you have to offer to a large customer base. These outlets are also cheap and easy to use. For clarity, the major benefits of social media posts include:

Global Reach

Social media posts open you up to global opportunities. People from different parts of the world make use of these outlets and service providers have the special opportunity to reach out to these users. Social media posts also create an avenue for interaction between producers on consumers to register complaints and make recommendations.

Incorporation of other content marketing strategies

The social media platform is unique and broad enough to allow for the incorporation of other techniques of content marketing like videos and infographics.

Final Thoughts on Types of Content Marketing

Content marketing may be the secret ingredient you need to grow your business and achieve your goals. Thankfully, there are different types of content marketing so you do have enough options to choose from. With a proper application of the aforementioned techniques, you are guaranteed an increase in patronage and a greater level of engagement with your target consumers.

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